SMS booking system

Cabtxt is Cabcall's SMS booking service that can be used alone or integrated with eCabcall. Use signage to alert your customers to your Cabtxt offering and let them book their taxi via text message on their phone.

How Cabtxt works

Cabtxt can be used in two ways, depending on whether the customer is using eCabcall or using Cabtxt in a public place.

Customers using eCabcall can set a favourite booking and then, at any time, text that favourite booking name to the designated Cabtxt number. A booking will be created based on that favourite.

Customers using Cabtxt in public places will see a sign instructing them to text a keyword (e.g. 'ColesArundel') to the Cabtxt number. A docket number is generated for them and they are told where to wait for their cab.

Cabtxt features

  • Integration with eCabcall
  • Customised pick-up remarks for each booking
  • 'Where is my car?' requests generated if a customer tries to book a second car while they have a current booking or if they text 'where' to the Cabtxt number
  • Cancellations via SMS
  • Textback feature for long waits
  • Multiple schedules can be set up in the Cabcall CRM for different days of the week and times of day