eCabcall online booking system

Your customers do not need an app to book a taxi online. eCabcall is an internet booking service for the taxi industry. Cabcall will customise a web experience for your company that will allow your customers to manage their bookings online.

How ECabcall works

Customers, whether they're members of the public or corporate clients, can register online by providing a few simple details. They then have access to a personal profile allowing them to manage multiple pick-up addresses and destinations. Customers can log in using any device whether it's a personal computer, tablet or cell phone, and handle their bookings with ease.

eCabcall features

  • eCab quick booking system for one-off bookings (no registration required)
  • A personalised experience that keeps the customer's addresses and history in one convenient location that they can access anywhere, anytime
  • Fare estimation using your dispatch system (including tolls)
  • Check on the status of a booking or cancel a booking from any device
  • Reporting for customers, exportable to PDF or Excel spreadsheets
  • Importing multiple bookings using Excel or CSV files
  • Template bookings for high turnover clients such as hotels and medical centres
  • Fast booking mode for hotels