Interactive voice response (IVR)

IVR is the backbone of the Cabcall suite of products, allowing you to automate the taxi booking process by hooking into your dispatch system.

How Cabcall's IVR works

When a customer calls your main number, they are greeted with an automated welcome prompt. The system checks for the caller ID.

If the system identifies the customer, they are walked through a series of prompts to book a taxi for their preferred location and time.

If the system does not identify the customer, they are transferred to a live operator.

IVR features

  • Works for both landlines and mobile cell numbers
  • Recognises historic bookings made by each customer
  • Ringbacks provide customers with the status of their booking and allows them to cancel an existing booking
  • Reads back the customer's pick-up address using text-to-speech
  • Prompts customers for further information (e.g. destination) using speech recognition software
  • Support for multiple fleets and multiple languages
  • Support and customisation for high turnover customers such as hotels, clubs and restaurants
  • Generates docket numbers for public venues